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About Us

Regulatorní reporting, Regulatorní výkaznictví, Petr Číž

Petr Číž

Founder of the Company

"ARITON is young, dynamic and highly specialized company setting new standards for regulatory reporting solutions and related advisory services in the area of banking supervision/regulation, regulation of financial markets and related regulatory reporting. Thanks to our in-depth methodical expertise combined with superior technical solutions, we are able to take over the responsibilities of our clients in the area of regulatory reporting and related banking regulation. We operate as a long-term methodical/technical partner providing services/solutions on the edge of full outsourcing. This approach brings clear effects to our clients: They are able to significantly reduce costs and release their internal capacities and as a result our clients are able to focus on their core business."

"With this strategy we have managed to grow our business substantially. This fact is underlined by increasing number of clients and our international expansion."

"Key asset of Ariton is our people. Our team consists of professionals with very unique knowledge and experience across several business fields - banking supervision/regulation, accounting standards and methodology, legal advisory, processing of large volumes of data (Big Data), business intelligence, design of architecture of IT systems, agile methodologies, management and maintenance of IT systems, .... Thanks to our team, Ariton is able to generate unique synergic effects and substantial added value to our clients."

>15 Years

of Experience


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